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Ciaran Martin

Ciaran is a multi instrumentalist, songwriter and music producer with a passion for creativity. He has been immersed in music all his life and has plenty of experience of being in and around the music industry for a number of years. After years touring with his band Ciaran came up with the idea of The Band Hub and decided to devote 100% of his time to making the idea a reality. “For me The Band Hub represents something much bigger than a music facility, its a Hub of creativity, a community for musicians. If this kind of facility was around when I was a teenager I would be spending all of my time at it with all of my friends. Theres nothing you can’t do at it, you can literally learn your instrument , write songs with your band and record those songs in the same place alongside other artists and bands. Its like a playground for aspiring artists and musicians!”.

Joshua Guest

Joshua is a music professional specialising in studio based music production. This talented individual stepped into music at a young age, taking up drums at the age of 11. However performing took a back step and production was the direction his felt his true ambitions lay. Having started to produce music at the age of 15, Joshua quickly began to learn the fundamentals of music production and began to record bands and solo artists from his local area. This creativity quickly fuelled a desire to pursue a career in production, He went on to obtain an honours degree in Music Technology, enhancing his studio engineering and production technique capabilities even further. As a keen Studio/Mix engineer, Joshua’s love for studio production sees him engineering and mixing a variety of genres and creating new ways of making his productions unique. His productions showcase his broad production knowledge, producing music from Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter, Hip-Hop, Rap to Psychedelic Ambient Rock. Joshua has also had the chance to work on films that have debuted in the UK, Ireland and USA. “The Band Hub for me is a music facility that has experienced staff than can nurture and further a young musicians progression into the music industry, this being through playing an instrument, joining a new band or recording new music. Having moved from Birmingham/ London and then to Dublin, I wanted to return home to put what I have learned/experienced back into the community. Teaching and giving people affordable studio sessions so they had a recording they can take home and show their parents, which is something I never had as it was so expensive”.